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Thread: Anyone suffer from anxiety? What techniques do you use to help?

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    Default Anyone suffer from anxiety? What techniques do you use to help?

    I have GAD (generalised anxiety disorder). I have had it in varying degrees since I was 12. I often get irrarional concerns/fears about things. One of the most prominent examples of this is when I was a video of something online which I first found interesting and kinda cool, but after watching it a few times became deeply disturbed by it. I feel mildly anxious a lot of the time, often for no reason. It's just sort of a gut feeling that is always there.

    I also have Aspergers, which could be a factor in the cause of my anxiety. It is also the reason that I have a deep obsession with a certain thing, which causes me anxiety because im worried I will lose my obsession or something will put me off it. It seems silly but I would be lost without my special interest.

    I was wondering if there is anyone else on here who suffers from anxiety? What are your coping methods?

    Of course little space is one them. I regress to some degree most of the time and being regressed helps me relax and cope.

    I use fiddle/stim toys; such as tangles, slime and sensory objects. These also help me concerntrate in college and stop me getting distracted.

    I find keeping organised and getting work/chores done also helps relax me. If these things are done I can practice my hobbies without feeling guilty or under pressure. I can't relax easily if my flat is untidy and I have lots of coursework to do. It makes me feel like a failure and lowers my self esteem signifigantly if I don't look after myself and my responsibilities.

    I also try to do some guided meditation whenever I can, which does help reduce anxiety too.

    What do you do? Tell me

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    I've been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder since I was 12. I guess that I've always been a nervous person... even as a little kid. The main way that I manage my anxiety is with planning. For example, I plan what schoolwork I'll do for the week and how I'm going to get it done. I don't have a planner or anything like that; I just keep it in my head and that seems to calm me down a lot of the time. Order also helps me as a person with Aspergers, but learning how to manage when things don't exactly go to plan is important.

    When things don't go to plan, I try to comfort myself by coming up with potential solutions for a scenario and reminding myself that it's going to be ok. For example, if I forgot to bring the notes handouts, I calm myself down by telling myself something like "You can just take the notes on another sheet of paper" and "It's going to be ok." For irrational fears, CBT strategies or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies helps a lot. That method essentially breaks down something like an irrational fear down the the distorted thinking that underlies and then aims to change that underlying thinking pattern. Let's say that I'm scared of failing my test and I think that if I do poorly on the test, I'm worthless or dumb. Then I work to recognize that this is a distortion in thinking, more specifically one that ignores the complexity of a situation. Then I try to find the complexity and the grey in the situation. In that process, the method eventually modifies distorted thoughts.

    For coping strategies, I typically listen to music, exercise (rollerblading, walking, and yoga), being little (though I'm not in little space very often because of my responsibilities as a student), reading books, or even writing stories.

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    I was not diagnosed with Autism spectrum until I was 53.
    My mother did fight with the school about my dyslexia when I was in the 4th grade.

    I did a lot of self teaching thou. I always kept busy with projects. On the family farm that was not hard to do.

    As I got older classical music was a major source of helpful white noise.

    The major issues did not show up/become issues until I was over 45 and "Society/my narrow minded boss" would not tolerate my idiosyncrasy.

    Then with therapy I started to learn multiple coping mechanisms. (some of them can be found in the School House Rock ADISC group. I am also attempting to get the mods to help convert those threads into articles.

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    I've been diagnosed with depression caused by grief, anxiety and PTSD. The anxiety is the worst part because there's an overwhelming feeling of dread, like something terrible is going to happen. Sometimes when this happens, I take a nap and try to escape it by sleeping. This of course, isn't a very good solution. I'm a pianist, so I'll sometimes play and practice piano pieces. If the weather is nice, I'll go out for a walk.

    I think the key is to do something that keeps you busy and your mind occupied with something else, even if it's reading a book or looking at something on Youtube.

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    What usually calms me down from panic attacks are my pacifiers and fidget cubes. When I get anxious the cube helps me when in public. I also have a chew-gem for when using a pacifier isn't a good idea in public.

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