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Thread: im new :)

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    Default im new :)

    i dont want to make mesmerale upset so this is my first post

    hi! im gummibear. and yes i LOVE gummibears
    im working out how this site works (im not the most tech-savvy person) so it might take me a while XD

    (aand i originally accidentally posted this as a visitor message on my own profile..oops XD )

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    How'd you find ADISC? Through Mesmerale!

    Do you like diapers? No.

    Then you are you here? 'cause Mesmerale is the cutest girl evah!

    Oh.. I answered all of them.. >.>

    Um... What's your favorite color?

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    XD but theyre all true!!!!
    i like ALL colors!!!!!!!! im quite fond of bright ones best!!!

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    :O Cheater, you can't say all of them! >.<

    Mine is purple. :tongue:

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope that this site can provide you valuable information about the lifestyle of *b/dlism. I feel now that there is an increase in people joining this site from the DC vicinity area. Welcome!

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