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After a while, we recognized that my grandparents didn't need more 'stuff' unless it was going to be dead useful. IE: You know their coffee maker broke so you got them a nice, new, simple to use one.

So we would get them something that they could use up. My one grandma always had itchy dry skin in the winter so we'd pick her out a nice set of lotion and such. Or we would get them a gift card to a restaurant that we knew they liked to go to, or even just TAKE them out to dinner. Because if you're close to your family and don't get to see them, spending TIME can be more meaningful than spending MONEY. :3
I second this! Your own time (doing things or even their chores for them) and money is about the best gift I believe you can give to long distance family. Second to that, only ever get them what you know they need or want.

Think about it, how many of us have recieved a gift we didn't know what to do with or didn't want. And most often, the one thing we ourselves want after christmas is, you guessed it, more time and money.