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Thread: Am I the only one that thinks it's odd

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    I think the worst food in the world would have to be Lutka fish. It's fermented fish that jellifies. I understand it smells horrible.

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    You know I wonder if the Trade War thing is why the BJs i always go to didn't have Manchego (a product of Spain) or Smoked Gouda (that one difference is huge, regular Gouda is good, but Smoked is Amazing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTyrant View Post
    When people say they don't like a whole type of food that is?

    For example I love cheese, and while I don't expect everyone to love cheese like I do, I find it really odd that some people have this "I hate cheese" view.

    I would have to guess that they probably tried a normal, cheap type of cheese; or maybe someone had them try something really odd and they didn't like it, who knows really?

    All I know is that the tastier, more expensive (aged) cheeses are soooooooo much better than your average American or Mozzerella cheese.

    Take for example Asiago (to me it's like Mozzerella, but better), Gouda (smoked is amazing), Manchego (to me it's kinda like a Spanish Cheddar), Grana (like a fancy Parmesan (shaker) cheese), etc.

    But OTOH these better cheeses also cost more money (up to 8-$10+ per pound), but if you use a better cheese it makes for better Pasta, Macaroni, Sandwiches, Pizza, etc.
    I totally agree. The processed crap you buy in a package is disgusting to me. But go to the deli and get me a quarter pound of baby swiss to snack on and I'm in baby heaven. And slices of 10 year aged sharp chedder is sooo perfect for sanwiches.

    I'm also like that with canned green beans in water too. Those are disgusting to me. But buy me some raw green beans from produce and saute them in butter, and wow that's one of my favorite foods.

    So yeah, I hate cheese and green beans. Thankfully I'm not so narrow minded to know I also love cheese and green beans.

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