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    Hey everyone

    I just wondered whether any of you use condom catheters from time to time? I predominantly wear diapers, however from time to time if I get a rash I will try and give my skin a breather and wear a condom catheter for a few days instead with a leg bag. The Conveen self adhesive ones are readily available on eBay.

    The only downside I find is they are supposed to stay stuck for 24 hours, but more often than not they will come unstuck or there'll be a kink in the tube causing the condom bit to fill up and the pressure kinda makes it come off or come loose. Anyone got any tips for that?

    I did read about regular foley catheters on here but I'm not sure they're a good thing to try without a doctor's note. Though the bit that would appeal is a potential break from the urge to go as I presume my bladder would be empty all the time. That said I don't think I fancy the risk of an infection!

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    Surprised you have not had a response. I have a prescription for this very thing from a urologist for Conveen but the condom is secured not with sticky stuff but with a tape that wraps around your penis. They make several kinds. It might sound uncomfortable but it is not- the squeezing action is not felt much. I have no problems with this system coming off. Maybe once early on when I was driving and the tube got pinched, but you learn to manage it. The most uncomfortable part is managing the tube through your skivvies and the silicone tubing can tug your hair or generally feel uncomfortable. 99% of the time I am not aware I have it on.

    I use them when I travel. I would not want to carry bags of diapers if I have any kind of extended trip. A weeks trip for me would be 30 diapers with a few spares thrown in. If your luggage is lost there is not an easy way to get good diapers. Then there is the disposal problem. If you are in motels its fine, but if your camping or in a remote location it can be a problem.

    I had not used these condoms for awhile but have had 2 recent trips and was sure glad I had them. Never used a diaper and did not miss it for some reason. Glad to put them on again though.
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    Thenexus, My experience with condom caths were the same as yours. Sure they are more discrete than diapers- until they leak. And when that happens it's not just a small wet spot like with diapers, it's a catrastopic puddle all over the place.

    I quickly gave up on condom catheters and went back to diapers. I did have continued leaks with diapers, but then realized there are bettwr diapers out there. With using Northshore supreme, Crinklz/Betterdry or PeekABU/Simples, those leaks are very far and few in between.

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    I needed them for a short time and they worked well. with a couple of modifications. I used long leg boxer briefs and I used the brief legs to help support the bag. I found the bag on my thigh worked better than on the calf. Another thing I did that was a big help was to shave any hair from the penis and around the base of it. After shaving they were better fitting and stayed in place.

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    Hi there I've been using condom catheters for years and being paraplegic and wheelchair enabled found them really good. over the years I 've used various brands but now use the Conveen Optima daily. Like you I wouldn't trust the optima for the full 24 hours. The only real problems were of my own doing, when putting them on the adhesive happened to stick further up my penis than should have and I tried to remove without warm water and soap resulting in slight skin tearing and discomfort [I have sensation there] OK I'm paralysed from waist down but still active enough when transferring to and from my chair for any 'slip offs' and to be honest only had a couple of accidents over the years.

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    I found the same thing happening. The tube gets kinked or pinched and when it backs up they come off. This turns into a mess for me. I find myself going back to foley's and miss them when they're not in.

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