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Thread: Things that remain from when you were younger

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    Default Things that remain from when you were younger

    I never had a phase where I grew out of watching cartoons - though I don't watch cartoons often anymore, because they got replaced with watching Anime and Gaming more often; I would watch Cartoons if I liked anything I saw on TV (to me most cartoons these days are NOWHERE NEAR as good as what used to be on TV, most particularly in the 90s and early 00s)

    I mean I could probably rant for hours on how stupid most of the cartoons of today are, but I'm not gonna go there, people will like what they like and I'm not trying to change that.

    Another thing is I ALMOST NEVER grow tired of pizza, there was a time where I would eat pizza all the time at work (usually frozen personal size pizzas), I still eat a lot of pizza, but not daily for almost every meal like I used to.

    One of my fond memories from middle school was a food the school had called Pizza Bread, it was kinda like Pizza simplified (no sauce, no mozzarella cheese (though there may have been a little bit of grated parmesan (shaker) cheese) maybe a little touch of Oregano), basically bread that was closed and baked with Pepperonis inside it, simple but always good.

    Sometimes I eat these things that look like a "Pizza Doughnut", preferably ones with Pepperonis in them (though they also make a 4 cheese variety) if I see them in a vending machine at work (they are kinda expensive though)

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    I have always been more of an Anime fan when I was a kid based on my cartoon preferences of Astroboy, Battle of the Planets, Ulysses 31 and Robotech all being Anime based.

    I did love Thundarr the Barbarian, Masters of the Universe, Blackstar, Dungeons and Dragons, Bionic 6, The Mighty Heroes and Silverhawks all of which stay with me as formative things but some of the newer cartoons like Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors are particularly excellent.

    I do think the launch of the X-Men cartoon and the DCAU was an amazing time for cartoons and loved that time.

    Pizza for me is also the most amazing food source

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    Some of the old cartoons still get shown such as the Warner Brothers cartoon and cartoons like Tom & Jerry. There are a dozen variants of Scooby Doo on as well. Everything changes with time of course because we get tired of the old and need to be entertained by something we haven't seen.

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    I guess that a lot of things haven't changed since I was younger...

    I'm still wearing glasses and I have worn glasses since I was six years old. I guess that I never outgrew my picky eating... I am still very much a picky eater and I have been for as long as I remember. I'm still the sensitive girl that I was as a little girl. I still dress more to comfort than fashion and I never really developed an interest in fashion, style, or makeup.

    Some things have changed... as a kid, I didn't have problems wetting the bed, nor did I have accidents during the day with the exception of a six month period as a seventh grader. I have developed a taste for romance stories or movies.

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    Trains. Iíve never grown out of trains. Some of my earliest memories are of Thomas the tank engine and Friends and setting up sprawling rail lines in my bedroom. All thatís changed is that Iíve shifted from steam trains to high speed rail.

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