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Thread: My cross country diapered roadtrip starts tomorrow

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    Default My cross country diapered roadtrip starts tomorrow

    Hi everyone, tomorrow daddy and I finally start the roadtrip, I will be diapered and in my carseat the full roadtrip, I am wondering what should I expect for the road trip, daddy has already said in the car i will be wearing a cute tee and my diaper only, and will only get a skirt or leggings once out of the car, and he is putting me in footie pjs before we reach the hotel. So that when we get to the hotel, i will be put straight to bed.

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    I love your life!!! That is awesome. #wish it for me too

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    Sounds like a great trip I hope you have fun depending on how far you are going you might have to stop a couple of times for breaks

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    Yeah we are doing rest stops so daddy can change my diaper, and stretch his legs from driving

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