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Thread: Would anyone be interested?

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    Default Would anyone be interested?

    I am willing to do inked pacifier drawings for free. Would anyone be interested in me drawing their pacifier? Also if you have an idea for a dream pacifier and you can at least describe it to me then I can draw it too.

    All in the name of Inktober

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Name:	molly_my_tulpas__pacifier_by_littlepebble10-dcp4mqw.jpg 
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    Um YES!

    I would love a pacifier where the guard is dragon wings and the handle (hoop thingy on the front) is a Dragons tail curled around to make the hoop. If you are colouring it Silver please

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    Im interested. I would love the pacifier guard to have intricate rose stem designs and where the handle is attached to be a rose flower.

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    Great ideas so far. Just so everyone knows I am making this part of my Inktober stuff so, I am not planning on coloring them unless I get board. Don't give your hopes up because I get board around Christmas and I might just color a few as a gift to the community of adisc.
    Scratch what I said
    My ink pens are not doing the job I want them to do. So, I am going to ink them with a brush and black acrylic paint. If I have enough people interested I will consider painting them over in colored paints. I will also make a YouTube timelaps video series for them if I have enough people interested.
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