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Thread: Watching Brokeback Mountain.... Is it Good?

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    Default Watching Brokeback Mountain.... Is it Good?


    I'm kind of taking a break from studying right now... so I've decided to watch a movie. I've heard of Brokeback Mountain. Has anyone watched it? If so, how did you like it?

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    We have. My wife liked it better than I. If you like relationship-style movies, you'll like it.

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    I lived with another guy all through college though I consider myself bi. Still, the movie was horribly boring for me, but I'm into scary , si-fi, or action movies.

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    I'm watching it right now...

    I have to say... I'm enjoying it...

    I've always liked romance stories since my teenage years. Especially ones about girl-girl, or boy-boy stories. I personally don't label myself with any particular sexual orientation as I don't feel like any of the labels fit me well enough.

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