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    I recently discovered that there's a travel agency in Japan just for stuffed animals. Ship them your plushie, and they take them on a tour of Tokyo. They post photos of their journey on social media for you to follow along. Costs about $53 (depending on where you're shipping from) plus the initial cost of mailing to Japan.

    This would probably be the closest I'd ever get to visiting Japan...

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    Littlemossey’s stuffed moose would love to travel! Although I’m not sure I could sperate with him for that long. Do they eat moose in Japan?

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    I thought the same, I couldn't separate from Maf-Maf, but for another $53.00 I'd definitely join him.

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    I have always wanted to go to Japan, just have not made it there yet. Your right, for 53.00 I would go with moosey as well.

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    My Pooh would be far to lonely all by himself and I am certain he does not speak the language as he struggles with a speaxh impediment as it is. He finds it difficult to talk around his honey spoon.

    I have asked him and he assures me that honey is not a chopstick friendly food. He is happy to stay here in the middle and wait for the snow

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    As cool as it would be, I know I couldn't separate myself for Flutters for that long. She is my comfort when I am feeling sad and she is an excellent listener. Plus I don't know how they would handle her need for diapers as it might be too embarrassing for her.

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    Guess I'm in the minority that I have plenty of plushies and could spare one for a few weeks' time. I have eight just residing on my bed.

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    My Tena Bear has been from Hillsdale Michigan, to Lawton Oklahoma. to Augsburg Germany, on to London England, Back to Detroit Michigan, to Big Rapids Michigan and finally to Cleveland Ohio

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    My Wuzzy bear is too little and is still in diapers too, so he could never travel on his own.

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