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Thread: Everyone is right no one notices your diaper while in public

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    I to wear Betterdry or Crinklz diapers 24/7 and no one notices

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    Most of the time, I will wear with my wife if she takes me out on an, "adventure". Occasionally, I will go out diapered into "unsafe space" all by myself but I prefer having company. Allot off time I am wearing cloth and plastic pants, these are a little bulkier than disposables. I just wear looser fitting shorts or jeans and maybe a longer shirt. No one has had their xray vision on yet. And unlike Cannaboy, I have not run into any old girlfriends that have smacked my ass and realized I was diapered! I would probably be as mortified as he was.

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    I know that nobody is looking to see if I have a diaper on (except my Mom, which seems to always asks and sometimes will ask if I'm okay "because I'm walking funny", before she realizes I probably just have a diaper on), and really don't care if anyone were looking for it as if I want to wear a diaper when I'm going outside of the house I will (of course beneath normal clothes, usually whatever shirt I'm wearing with a pair of blue jeans and a belt to keep my pants even and above the waistband, sometimes I don't even bother with underwear over the diaper)

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    I might start going out of town in a diaper at some point when my confidence grows a lil more I know to many people in town to risk it while shopping ect.

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    I have worn diapers on again… off again for 45 or 50 ish years now. Noons pays attention. Or if they do they don't say anything

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    I have worn diapers on again… off again for 45 or 50 ish years now. When I was wearing them it has always Ben 24/7 and if I wasn't in diapers for some reason or length of time. Then I was using "pads". So I believe I can speak with some authority on this subject... Noons pays attention. Or if they do they don't say anything

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    I wore a Rearz Pink Princess to work today, rather than my much thinner and quieter Molicare Maxi. Noone noticed a bit of extra crackle amongst the background noise. Noone noticed my slight waddling at the end of the day from a wet and swollen nappy. How could they even? I'd dressed appropriately, hiding any outward signs under my clothes.

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    I've been wearing 24/7 for over 6 months now and although I know a few time it was noticeable none have said anything directly to me. I think I overheard some coworkers talking behind my back. As the rest have said most people won't notice and. Those who do wont bring it up most of the time.

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    I have had friends who wear a lot called out on it a few times. It's a numbers game. Figure (made up stats) 99% of people won't notice and 99% of those who do won't say anything. Whatever the actual number is, it's rare and although it's reasonable to be prepared for someone asking, there's no sense being paranoid about it.

    I was spotted once but it was another ABDL that I knew. He spotted the diaper profile before he realized it was me, so I think it still sort of counts.

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    If you wear too thick and too long, then you might see some people glance down there. But, people rarely notice. I've never had anyone ask me about it.

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