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Thread: Aw so cute inflatable crib and a crazy idea.

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    Default Aw so cute inflatable crib and a crazy idea.

    I hope this is in the right spot but I was wondering for those who have the aw so cute inflatable crib what parts do they not like on it? For me it’s the fact it’s a little too small, the spaces between the bars are too big and stuff slides out and I hate that you could only climb over the side to get in and out and i never felt comfortable inflating it all the way because I’d have to push it down.

    The crazy idea is that I want to design an inflatable crib of my own that not only solves these problems (bigger size,closer spaced bars and a door)but would have one of the ABU PeakABU characters ‘watching’ over you. Now for that I was originally thinking of having his neck and head coming out of the backboard but I think that would take up too much space and now pondering of making the actual headboard the character’s face.It would obviously be sold by ABU and I want it to be rated for 400 lbs for extra durability and would like it to be under $150 if it’s using the headboard as the face.

    What do you guys think?
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    I think that's doable, but the weight rating will make it much more expensive. A folding part for the door would also be easy, but keeping it locked closed would be problematic when you push on it. You'd also have to discuss royalties and permissions with abu as well.

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    Yeah. I’m think of just the sleeping part being a thicker vinyl while the rest would be a more standard thickness to help keep it reasonable. The door I was thinking of snaps or those little latches that you put through the hole then turn to lock. As for ABU I don’t have a damn clue how to get ahold of them! I never saw anything on their site and they don’t care about their Twitter it seems.

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    Would love the bigger and stronger...price point secondary but great if can keep price

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    I hope so! Even though I like the character idea I might not do that since I think most would find it creepy although that’s obviously not the intention.

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