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    how long should you wear a wet diaper

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    I would say as soon as possible since you could develop urinary tract infections, skin irritation, and rashes.
    That’s why you should also use diaper creams.

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    Nappy rash is not fun. It's a pain in the bum.

    And it will make you cry.

    Wearing a nappy mean that you have to keep your self extra clean. Becouse no one like a smelly baby.

    I check my Little between 3 and 4 hours in the day to see if he is dry.

    Nap and bed time starts with a dry nappy as well.

    Hope this helps you


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    There's no minimum time you should wear a wet diaper. Your maximum time will vary as well. This depends on what diaper you are using, how wet it is, the concentration kr dehhdration of your pee, and the condition or resistance of your skin. Your max time could be only 2 hours, or it could be 24. Just don't wear so long you will risk a bad rash, and certainly not long enough to risk an infection. Generally you'll want to change before you leak or start to smell bad too.

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    I can sleep all night in a wet diaper and not have any problems. I use Aveeno Baby lotion and it's a great protectorate.

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    Sensitive skin people like myself should change wet/soiled diapers as soon as possible to avoid skin irritations, rashes, and even worse; abscess boils or a whole host of other problems like UTI's ! It is also highly recommended that you take a shower/bath (bubble baths are my favorite) every day to avoid buildup from whatever gets left behind from what your cleanup methods leave behind.

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    I'm incontinent and so I dont have the option for extended 'air time' to help with nappy rash or so on. I get the attraction to keeping a wet nappy on, but there can be a price to pay and when you cant go without a nappy, nappy rash is a real literal pain and difficult to get rid of. I even wear thick night nappies not just for the capacity but so they can be damp rather than dripping wet in the morning.

    Your choice for your situation.

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    Important question that I was wondering myself. Any opinions on using powder vs. lotions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abdlexplorer View Post
    Important question that I was wondering myself. Any opinions on using powder vs. lotions?
    If you're thinking practically, lotions are typically for skin protection as a barrier while powders are more for keeping things dry and to prevent chafing. Depending on how you wear and your skin, it may be that neither are necessary. I use lotion from time to time but powder most of the time. For me, it's mostly a matter of the scent.

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