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    Hi everyone I'm new to this site and I just wanted to share my experience being a repressed little. I've been a little for a very long time but I seperated myself from the community and I felt shame for being feminine and also a little. I went years denying that side of me. Denying myself love, happiness and the feeling of being innocent to cope with past abuse from toxic controlling parents. About a year ago I couldn't take it anymore. I moved all the way across the country away from family that didn't accept me being transgender and surrounded myself with really amazing, accepting, open minded people. A year and a half into transitioning I learned to love myself again and I don't repress how I feel or what I want in life. I found a daddy that really loves me for who I am and he helped me feel little. He worked me into it slowly introducing me new aspects of being a little. Now the happiest days I have are spent with my hello kitty shirt on and a cute pink diaper, pacifier in my mouth coloring. I never experienced that much pleasure in my life and it was completely innocent. I'll be honest I cried because I was denying myself my identity and my desires for so many years. Life is better and I have this community to thank for it.

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    Welcome to the site! You'll fit in just fine with all us like minded people!

    It's really heartwarming to read stories of acceptance like yours. I'm glad you've been accepted and have a wonderful little life.

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    Awww this post makes me happy, I’m trans too. I’m really happy for you,.

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    It's unfortunate when our friends and epecially our own family can't accept us for who we are. While hard, you did the right thing by removing them from your life. Glad to see you're happy now too.

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