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    I finally did it, I callled Northshore Care and they are sending me free samples of their high absorbency premium diapers, some boosters and wipe samples too. I also placed an order for some plactic pants and rash cream. I told myself I would work on accepting this important part of myself after the summer and I’m doing it. Everything should arrive Friday, I’m so excited I have butterflies

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    Congrats accepting yourself isn't the easiest thing to do but your doing it right by taking things slow have fun when everything gets delivered

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    Awesome sauce! Let us know how everything works!

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    The samples came on Friday and I spent 2 full days diapered and I am filled with many emotions. First off out of the samples I would say moving forward my daily diaper would be NorthShore Supreme. I feel like I’m at a crossroad. What do I do now? On one hand I want to run and hide and never log into this site again and on the other I want to make the adjustments in my life to start wearing 24/7. I’m torn, what’s the toughest thing to understand is why this is so important, why does every aspect of being diapered to me feels normal. I don’t feel awkward, nothing seems gross about it and I do mess too. Around strangers diapered in public with my pretty obvious diaper bag on my arm with my slightly noticiable bulky diaper bum I feel very comfortable and natural. My biggest concern are close family and friends.

    What do I do? Run back in the closet or start taking the steps needed to make a diapered life reality? I know some will say just wear at night or the weekends but I’m not the type that can go part time. I’m an all or nothing type person.

    Closet door is open .... hmmmm ?

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    im not sure what to suggest, because im not an all-or-nothing person. im sort of a try and see how it goes kind of person.

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    It doesn’t seem realistic at this time so onward I go ... best to you all

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleTwinkle View Post
    It doesn’t seem realistic at this time so onward I go ... best to you all
    We all have to make our best accommodations with reality. I do wear 24/7 for extended periods but it took me a while to even want to do so much less be able to. I hope you'll find a happy balance.

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