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Imagine living in Lynchburg, VA where Thomas Rd. Baptist Church and Liberty U. is, and being out and trying to find other AB/DLs. The conservatives don't like people who stray from the norms of society. I don't think they know diaper lovers even exist. Anyway, kudos to you for find an entire community.
Actually there are allot of AB/DL in VA within 3 hours from you. Tho many make an account stay for a week then never login again.

As far as conservatives go, I'll say I've been pushed very hard out of the AB/DL communities and know many others feel the same. AB/DL seems to be equally represented across the population, however kink communities seem to lean hard alt left or alt right, and very little sane people in the middle willing to hold back the extremes from attacking anyone who remotely looks like an opponent..
In the end you aren't going to see the conservatives on these parts of the net, because we don't want to put up with the threats and drama for being conservatives or Christian. So your local area and many other conservative leaning areas will be way underrepresented in the online communities, tho there are just as many people out there in my opinion.