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Thread: little came out by mistake XD (funny story)

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    Default little came out by mistake XD (funny story)

    So I was at a friend's place with my last few buddies and their gf's celebrating an early octoberfest, with beer and brauts and fun. My friend even busted out his acordian. So I got super drunk, and low and behold my little me decided to make a cameo. One of my friends gf's got super excited because she's a little, and thought it was lol funny. She almost wanted to get into little space too, but then I tripped on a can, and that snapped me right of it. I was mortified. Yet, again since my girlfriend lilly died, I've been repressing little me. We used to be little together at her place, but I haven't been little in weeks. What do you guys think of this?

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    I would say it depends on who you were with.

    If the others in the room were accepting of your little behavior, you did nothing wrong other than get a little too drunk and trip on a can.

    If the others in the room were not open to your little behavior you may have a right to feel embarrassed. Even there it is now water under the bridge and time cannot be changed.

    Missing your friend will affect your whole being including your little side. Your little side will come out again in time. Grieving is an individual thing.

    As long as you did not offend anyone it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

    Hugs for the loss of your friend.

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    Sounds like it would be one of those funny stories.

    "Hey, remember that time Fireband was trying to dance at our Oktoberfest and fell over? LOL"

    We actually have a guy at work who got super-hammered at a party one of my co-workers put together. He put a cigarette out on his forehead and screamed at everyone "I AM BUDDHA!" XD So whenever he gets grumpy/serious at work someone will poke themselves in the forehead and yell "I AM BUDDHA!" XD Always cracks him up.

    (Later on he got a bit mean and they called his wife to come get him and she got there while he was going on about how he's "...the boss of his house! And his wife won't do anything about it." And she walked up and hissed at him "Get in the van." And he just dropped his head down to look at the ground, turned around and got into the van. )

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