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    Default childhood/high school nickname

    I was wondering if any of yis had a childhood nickname or a nickname in high school nickname. My childhood nickname was oddball (see if you can guess why based on my posts and profile). My high school nickname was atlas due to my 5'11 height and bulk. If your'e unconfortable sharing, don't but I think this could be fun, comparing nicknames.

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    I was called:

    Four-eyes (because of my glasses... I wore glasses from the age of 6)

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    I was called "mcgayver" in highschool, i guess the first part is obvious as to why, and the second part was due to my constant urge to prove my film and photography teachers wrong on many of their claims of "impossibility"

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    Mine was "The Gronks." It stemmed from a misspelling of my first name in one of my middle school year books and one of my friends insisted on calling me that for years.

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    In the early grades I got called "Jonny Bravo" for a few years cause I used Jon as a shorter name, then they started calling me "Jon the Leprechaun" cause I was lucky and found money often. I didn't see anything wrong with those names honestly :P

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    I was usually referred to as "o god it's him again, please please don't let him see me, please please ple... o dammit"

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    Default college a student used to call me "the doctor" probably because I was stoned all the time. I was also called "the French whore" and yes, that's another long, sad story.

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    My nickname was DragonMissioner. This was before Skyrem and that was the name of my book series. I had that put on my senior jacket and everyone started calling me that. Unfortunately because of Skyrem I had to rename my book. Check out my diary for info and updates if you like. For now that was my nickname in High-school.

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