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Thread: Anyone else wear crocs

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    Ah! I should have known. I’ll assume they are knock offs and when I got some knock off Paw Patrol ones they looked stupid!

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    I have both the name brand and knock offs, I didn’t like every one in the pack but a good amount I think are cute and me and I have them in my regular rotation.

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    Always a good idea. I would assume getting that many not all of them would be perfect anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleTwinkle View Post
    Hi Slomo, It’s great to hear you’re enjoying your Crocs too. I love your posts, you’re one of my favorites members. I find your insight very encouraging and inspiring. I’m not quite where you are with self acceptance when it comes to just being me and wearing all the time like I truly desire but I’m working on it... thank you
    Thanks for that! I've been where most are right now (figuratively speaking), and I know the ultimate acceptance we as a community all need to strive for because I've seen first hand how living like that is so bad for us. I really do try to help lift our community up for the better, but it often seems I get more people resisting any change for the better than they do thank me for helping them to change. So your message means a lot!

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