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Thread: What Food allergies do you have ?

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    Default What Food allergies do you have ?

    I suffer from coeliac disease (gluten intolerance ) which means my body cant process gluten and food passes through gut to quick to absorb the nutrients properly also it damages the Alvi in the gut
    What food allergies do the rest of you have ?

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    I'm lactose intolerant ~ no more ice cream. I also get reflux with all peppers and onions. Just simple eating for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by furryfox View Post
    I'm lactose intolerant ~ no more ice cream. I also get reflux with all peppers and onions. Just simple eating for me.
    So do you want to share a cream cake ? you have the cake I'll have the cream
    I'm still half expecting to go lactose intolerant at some point as my cousin is both

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    I've got a list. LOL

    - Lactose Intolerant but every so often I cave in and eat ice cream. I pay dearly for it later on when I'm tooting my bottom off and having abdominal cramps. D: BUT IT WAS SO TASTY AT THE TIME. D:
    - Red Dyes <- In both food AND beauty products. I've had folks smugly inform me that this is technically a 'sensitivity' and I've nearly strangled them so they could feel what I felt that time I actually forgot that Hawaiian Punch has a shit-ton of red dye in it and my throat swelled nearly closed. :3 TECHNICALLY I'm not trying to murder you, I'm giving you a life experience! (Hawaiian Punch used to be one of my favorite drinks. I had limited options that day and apparently my brain derped and said "Is red 'cause is froot." Is NOT red 'cause is froot. Is red 'cause dyes.
    -Codeine. I can't have 'da good stuff' when I get sick. Otherwise things start looking like the pea-soup scene from the excorcist. D: (And then I get real evil acting.)

    And in non-food/non-medicine: Birds. I can't breathe around them, which I found out only AFTER we had fifty chickens. D: So I ended up not being able to help take care of them at all. :P Other than standing outside and shouting encouragement.

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    When I was a kid I was allergic to a lot of foods like eggs, chocolate, fresh vegetables in the summer, peanuts and nuts. I mostly outgrew the food allergies but I'm still very allergic to pollen.

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    Pesticides. Anything uncooked — such as salad — must be organic, or I'll be reaching for the Epi-Pen. O.O;

    I'm also intensely allergic to cherries and to parsnips. Odd combination, I know…

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