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Thread: Anyone have experience selling on ebay or similar sites?

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    I have bought quite a few things on eBay, and sold a few as well; my experiences have been almost always positive. I've gotten taken in buying a couple of times--one was my own fault as I misread a seller's listing, and it was very clear when I re-read it. The other time I got taken was that the item was not in nearly as good of shape as described, but not bad enough for a formal complaint.

    Mostly though, the sellers (and buyers) I have encountered have been good, honest people who do the right thing. No complaints, really. When I buy, I try to deal only with people who have 100% positive feedback, or at worst, 98.5% positive. You can read the individual feedback listings for each seller; I think you can also spot when someone is trying to rip them off with ridiculous feedback. I have bought a few times, maybe 4 or 5, from a new seller (always hold my breath for a good outcome), and have experienced positive transactions with no problems encountered. I got lucky, but everyone has to start sometime.

    Whether you buy or sell, just be careful and use common sense.

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    I would say I have a good experience on eBay probably 98 or 99% of the time as a buyer or seller, but there are always scammers lurking and there is no pleasing some people; and the few times things go wrong it can feel like the worst migraine of your life, if eBay/PayPal dont feel like being particularly helpful I've had times where I had to wait weeks for a good resolution more than once, so buyer beware (not much you can do as a seller except do your best and hope you avoid people that want your stuff for free from the beginning)

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