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Thread: Starting new (better) job soon

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    Default Starting new (better) job soon

    I got to have a lazy week (staycation), didn't really do much besides basic things, and getting done with a few video games (Mafia III, Heavy Rain, Persona 5 (I was almost done months ago), and I played a little Destiny 2 (waiting for the Forsaken bundle to become cheap)) and then today I decided to clean the house a bit and do some reorganizing .

    I know I'm gonna hate going back to having less hours to have fun, but it was nice to just be able to have a week off between jobs, plus it wont be much longer before i have money coming in from a few things from leaving my old job.

    I think its gonna be pretty great, and I find it a bit funny several people at my old job seem to be betting on me to fail, knowing I was soon gonna be going to a better job they say "it wont last", "you will be back in a month".

    If it were a temporary job i was going to, I would of just stayed, but the job I had has 2 things going for it, Fridays off (almost every week, but sometimes they take that away with "Mandatory Overtime" ), and that it is a stable job that is hard to lose; but the pay is horrible for a factory (unless you are lucky or high up the food chain you can not make much better than minimum wage).

    I mean I'm basically going from an almost nightmare job to a kind of dream job (I didn't really dream of being a factory worker, but the one I'm going to pays good and you have to be a lousy, sloth speed worker to lose the job)

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    Sounds a lot like the situation I was in awhile back! Factory jobs arenít as bad as some people make them out to be. I love my job. Iím there normally 7 days a week by choice, I love the OT. This was my first weekend off in awhile and it was horrible. I didnít know what to do. I didnít want to do anything. I didnít hear from anybody so I just sat around. Was also playing D2, though! I love that game.

    One bit of advice: it sounds like in your new line of work, assuming youíre a good worker, thereíll be room for advancement. Stay on your toes, and watch that 90 day probationary period if you get one.

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    Well, it's official, I think I love this job already (the pay is a big part of it of course, but it's not even a hard job), ain't nothing quite like a great job, especially if it isn't a hard job.

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