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Thread: Hacked Accounts

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    I got one of those e-mails years ago, so it's been around for a long time. Yeah, don't click on anything and ignore it. I ignored it and never heard from them again.

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    I remember stuff like "Your computer may be infected" and virus protection programs saying you have these many viruses and asking you to pay money to have them removed. Actually any program that asks you to pay money to remove them are fake programs. No real protection program will ask you for money to remove them. The companies that have real virus protection programs already make their money off of subscriptions.

    I have never ran into any ransomware. That would be bad for someone with low income who can't afford to take their computer in to have it removed. Unless you have a friend who knows how to fix computers or if you know how to do it, it would still be very annoying to remove it.

    Free porn sites are full of malware that you might accidentally click on. The hope is that anti-virus is a second defense if you make a mistake yourself.
    Places like xtube have given my computer viruses just by viewing videos. I quit going there. I think there was some other free porn site too that was shut down but it also has given my computer viruses so I quit going there.

    Plus not all virus protection programs save you from these viruses unless the programs have improved that they now just block them now.

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    I use a Sonicwall front end, I cannot go to porno sites, it blocks them.

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    I get loads of these...there have been a few where they have put a legitimate (but old) password, but most of them seem to think my password is bulolwau, which I have never used on any site.

    I run my own server that handles my e-mail, so any of these e-mails are marked as spam as soon as I see them, then deleted.

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    use AdBlock plus, ads that aren't from Google are likely dangerous cause Google team works hard to weed out bad advertisers and certain websites won't get approved for adsense since they don't follow Google terms of service.

    sandboxie your browser, I also heard their is a way to sandbox entire operating system but I forgot the other software name.

    also if you sign up for random website, try to use made up email and password, it works on lots of websites.

    ask on Reddit what others think about website.

    the thing about remote access is i don't think it enabled by default on less you manually enabled it.
    check that and check your firewall ins and outs.
    try use very long password like 15 or more characters or if not use different password for everything, think of it like your naming each child different they wouldn't all be named bob.

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    I recently got someone trying to tell me that Yahoo had "detected a virus on my computer... And that I was to call them NOW. NOW. NOW! Or they would be shutting down my computer remotely to prevent further damage to Yahoos system.
    I did NOT call the number given. I did reboot the system. And report it to Yahoo through the standard Yahoo "contact us". And have NOT heard from, nor had my computer shut down remotely by the... "Person" behind the popup.
    I have however headed back from Yahoo that it was not there popup nor there phone number.

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    I got this the other day - amusingly it's to a completely fake e-mail address that only works at all because I have a catch-all account on the domain it was sent to:

    Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 16:54:18 +0300 [11/10/18 13:54:18 UTC]
    From: Evelynn Baker <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Reply-To: Evelynn Baker <[email protected]>
    Subject: Serious consequences for your reputation
    Show this HTML in a new window?
    Good evening,

    we don’t think that it’s wrong to pleasure yourself from time to time.
    Certain things are just best kept private, if your relatives and friends are confronted by this it will be something to worry about.
    Something any person would be totally embarrassed with.
    And will be having serious affects to your personal life and wellbeing.
    For a period of time we have been monitoring your computer trough a trojan virus that has been installed by yourself and has infected your computer.
    You have been infected by clicking on an advert on one of our infected pornographic websites.
    A trojan virus gives us access to your computer and any device that is connected to it, whether it is trough wifi or bluetooth.
    We have been monitoring your screen and everything you have been doing, trough a live feed, without you being aware of this.
    We also have control over your camera and microphone which we can switch on and off whenever we want.
    Any information that has been interesting or relevant to us has been stored privately.
    For example: contacts, social media,emails,etc.
    We have recorded a video where you can be seen pleasing yourself, and we have added the video you was watching as an split screen footage.
    With one press of a button I can forward this video to all your contacts, social media, etc.
    If you want to prevent this from happening transfer the amount of 350$ to the following bitcoin address.

    Bitcoin address: 1AzLyoNiDQdvcopuEQWEgkhQJyy1EoVLKU

    Buying bitcoin is very easy and straightforward ( usually verification is needed) trough the following websites:

    As soon as payment has been submitted your details and video footage will be deleted.
    We will give you a timeframe of 5 days to make this payment.
    Failing to do so will leave you with the consequences that you have been made aware of.
    We don’t make mistakes.
    Reporting this is useless, it is impossible to track this email address and these emails have been sent via an external server abroad.
    These accounts have been hacked.
    If you make the stupid choice to do report this or contact anybody about this message we will directly release your footage and forward it,
    any other things we obtained that can possibly harm you will be used against you too.
    We will get notified as soon as this email has been opened, from that moment the clock starts running.
    You have 5 days exactly not a minute longer.

    With kind regards
    Top tip if you're a little tech-savvy; register your own domain name and use that for your e-mails so you're not reliant on Google/Yahoo/Hotmail, most domain hosting companies offer e-mail/web-mail as part of their package. Most offer a multiple addresses/catch-all accounts so you can have unlimited e-mail addresses at - the registering and whatnot might cost you $10/year but it gives you total control, plus google aren't reading your e-mails.

    HOW TO USE THIS: you can then use a different address for EVERY company/site that demands an e-mail address, that way you KNOW who the e-mail SHOULD be from and you can spot when it's wrong, or if you start getting spam you know who sold your e-mail address (or got hacked) and can redirect that one address into the trash automatically without burning your everyday account.

    This has saved me multiple times; fake e-mails from paypal that don't arrive to my paypal address, likewise from my bank, the taxman, eBay, etc. etc. and the e-mail above which was clearly sent to an address that I have never actually used (the scammers just guess addresses like "[email protected]<domain>", "[email protected]<domain>", "[email protected]<domain>" etc. etc.)

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    I got an email where one of my passwords was the subject line of the email so it drew my attention.

    They asked for 6 F'ing grand within 24 hours otherwise they'd share my browsing habits and private/riskay account info (that I apparently have) with my contacts. Psssshh, the fact they think I could even remotely afford that let alone that I'd consider my reputation worth that much is a joke lol

    Anyway, I didn't do anything and haven't heard from them nor do I think any of my contacts have been alerted to my personal info. I thought it was particularly funny cause they even complemented my taste in porn in the email! . Not that I browse and indulge in it super often, but I'll admit that I do partake every now and then, what can I say

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    That is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever seen. The porn thing is there because most people use porn sites, and they're too ashamed to call the Geek Squad and say that they got a virus watching porn online. That makes them up for paying the ransom, even if there is no virus. Either way, anything other than an IC3 report (the link is on the FBI website) guarantees that they'll continue, possibly harming you worse. These are usually the same people who send bogus emails about lotteries, consignment boxes, large money finds, inheritances, and soldiers with money. Also, it could be the same people who phish social media accounts, or those who send bogus pages that only make problems worse (a notable example being the "Critical Alert From Microsoft" screen). As for email accounts, get a Gmail account, and use that. Convert your accounts over to the Gmail account, because you can view messages in Gmail without opening the door for a virus to get in. Scams sometimes pop up in the important folders, but 99% of them are relegated to the spam section. Assuming you copy/pasted the email, I can tell by the words "Let's get right to purpose" that this is obviously not an experienced hacker, and not even someone from a hacking-oriented country, such as many European countries, Russia, or more incorporated parts of Eastern Asia and India. This is probably originating from Africa, the Middle East, or a more lower-class region of Asia, and you are one of umpteen people who got that same message. If you're truly concerned, contact the Geek Squad or the police, and file an IC3 report (you won't need to make any further contact, the FBI does all the work themselves). Get your computer looked at (everyone looks at porn, so as long as the content isn't illegal due to your region or the content itself, you'll be okay), and they can determine what if anything is going on. Whatever you do, don't call a number off of the internet for help, since that will only exacerbate the problem. Call the Best Buy near you (being that we're both in NJ, the one in Deptford and the one in Cherry Hill both rock), and they'll help you and advise you on how to further correct the problems.

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    I've received one of these emails too. They seem to be inspired by an episode of "Black Mirror", in which a hacker blackmails someone using exactly these tactics (except in the show, the hacker actually did infect the victim's computer, activate their webcam while they were watching porn, etc, etc).

    Incidentally, webcams (on some laptops at least) used to come with an on/off switch that physically slid a cover over the lens. My ASUS Eee PC from 2010 has such a built-in switch and cover. It's too bad the technology has since been lost; tape is a much less elegant solution…

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