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Thread: Houston roommate?

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    Question Houston roommate?

    Anyone in Houston looking for a roommate?
    I grew up mostly in Atascocita/Huffman.

    Long story short, parents divorced two years ago. My dad's house sold yesterday- and I'm worried he might get some kind of lawyer to screw my mother out of the money she got from their separation. (It's probably a lot.) However, otherwise if I can't find a roommate I should be living with him in Clear Lake by the 23d of October. They were together nearly 30+ years. I've generally worked all over the state doing I.T. work- Some in schools and healthcare.

    I don't have much income, it's mostly what I should be getting from electronics repair. I get like SNAP benefits, and I'm extremely thankful for that. $200 a month to throw down on food for no telling how long a month.

    Parents normally help me out financially daily, but I'm not sure if they would be willing to cover any rent money at all (and I personally don't want their rent money.) But, if my small business cranks up repairing electronics, I could work for you or just give you all of the earnings. I made about $200 in the last week (but I spent it on ATNs), with probably $150-200 more to come this next week.

    I wear almost 24/7, but I'm not incontinent. I can do without them. I'm mostly a DL/AB. I have stinky accidents somtimes. I'm not into relationships or snuggling much and I'm normally a caretaker in hangout situations. I occasionally have a terrifying neck issue but it's some sort of birth defect or result of a vase being smashed on my head when I was very young.

    The neck issue has only happened twice though! I'm so thankful for that- but it can cause me so much pain my spinal cord/brain can regenerate differently.

    Anyway, I really would love to keep my bed. My bed is very special to me- It's a small bed I grew up on and it could double as a crib with a few modifications. I'm also a objectum sexual (why I'm not much for being touchy-feely) but partly bisexual. I don't drink or do drugs, but smoke cigarettes (that are paid for daily.) Also, if you're incontinent I'm cool with that too. It doesn't bother me in the least bit.

    If you're interested give me a shout in Discord or send me a PM here.
    Thank you

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    Alright so, I can get like $600 a month- I'd be down to like sleep on a couch or something or whatever.
    I'd be also interested in moving to Austin and Dallas. Idunno. I just don't feel like having my own place really because it's just really boring.

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    Bumping again, I need to know soon
    If I live with my dad I can't get like financial aid to go to college or basically free health care because he makes so much.
    He is also slightly physically abusive.

    Anyway...... If nobody responds/is interested by probably this Friday or so, I'm going to go with my dad........... It's going to be absolutely terrible.

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    This is a hoot- I found a close friend with an available room and now my dad won't pay the rent he agreed to pay xD Even though it was like $150 less. And about $300 less in total than the rent he wants to pay for me at his place.
    Well- I'm glad I'm not trying to commit fraud... Sorry guys! I'm going to see if this application goes through to live with him.

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