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Thread: Over the air channels

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    I had an antenna for OTA in my last apartment, but I think I set it up wrong because I only got 3 channels, most of which were religious in nature. When my condo is ready in about a months time I plan on just having internet and probably Netflix. No cable for me!

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    here in the UK, internet speeds aren't really up to providing all our televisual 'needs', unless you can afford to go fibre optical (which isn't always a guarantee of 'fast' speeds as you may only get fibre up to the nearest junction box; thereon, you're back onto ye olde copper cable until the main exchange. for most people still fully on copper, beyond two miles from an exchange and you'll probably maxing at 2.5Mbps).
    not too long ago, i bought myself a NowTV box with a month's movie pass (basic access to SkyTV's wares). the minimum recommended speed is 2.5 Mbps (our maximum, on a good day), so we're pushing it a bit, but i've been surprised at how good it is (helped by getting a free 6 month Entertainment pass and then a reduced Movie subscription fee for 4 months when i went to cancel the rolling subscription).
    so, i'm busy making the most of it while i can. naturally, i tend to avoid peak internet use times.

    i've just binged-watched The Strain, over a week (it's okay, but just a rehash of stuff from the 1980s like V and Amerika, and possibly before).

    other than that, we're still on the airwaves.

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