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Thread: Lumps' Intro Thread

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    Cool Lumps' Intro Thread

    Hello, my internet handle is and has been "lumps" for some time.

    Diapers and Ageplay is not a new thing to me. I first got interested in the fetish, along with most bondage/BDSM fetishes in my teenage years. I started to reach out to bondage communities in my late high school and college years, and established myself as a dom. I am bisexual, and have engaged in many acts with both sexes. When I was 22 one of my partners got pregnant and had our first girl, who I love and is my life. She is now 4. Although me and the mother are not married or even in an official relationship, my daughter still spends much time with me, and we try our best to make a good, loving environment despite being detached. I am still within the bondage community, and thanks to heightened curiosity within the community, I've been able to practice Ageplay much more often with both men and women.

    My other interests include music, I play guitar, base, and mandolin, and computers, I work as a Computer Technician for a small hobby shop. I live in New York State.

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    If you've had a daughter at age 22, and that was 4 years ago, you're 26 now. However, your profile suggests you're 17 years old. Please go back to elementary school and take a math class!

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