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Thread: Does this look like a giant adult playpen??

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    Oh WOW! I totally want one now! There’s another company... Safe Space, I think, that can do while rooms like that.

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    I think there's some US and even Canadian company that make some similar products, I'm trying to find it, you can have some luck with google with special needs autism beds as the keyword, but beware of the huge prices, since its considered a medical product, medical insurance can cover them, so of course, the company that make theses beds make a lot of money by selling them at higher price than needed, since its partly or fully covered by medical insurances for autistic kids.

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    One of these would be nice, and quite appropriate for myself, since I do have Autism.
    Sigh...But too expensive for me to ever afford.

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    i want to get when i get my own place so i can go to sleep and have little space in it or sleep night time in my diapers and sleep with my plushises

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    These look amazing, I did send on the link to someone.

    Really tempting.

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