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    Default Hi everyone

    My husband is an abdl and I have known about this side of him for over four years. Just wanting to meet other mommies and learn some tips as I feel like I am not being the best mommy for my little boy and meeting his needs.

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    Hi newmommy, 😺
    Welcome to the group.

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    I'm Shure your doing your best .
    The big thing is most mommys just do the best they can even real baby's don't come with instruction manual.
    They make mistakes and hit home runs.
    The best thing you can do is keep open communication with your husband a lot of us it stems back to our child hood.
    For some of us we enjoy the child mommy relationship where its interaction like making hand cookies coloring can be stuff like that.
    And of course cuddles when hugs.
    Very special things are little presents here and there.
    Just like what you would do with the little one for some of us.
    But still communication is the key.
    Since each AB/DL is different we have many likes and dislikes.
    Though we each can be similar we're not exactly alike.
    But the real fun thing is to make it fun and the experimental little.
    Welcome to the daycare that adisc is.

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