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Thread: Would you take an AB partner

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    I'd be chill with it on a few conditions. As long as they have a job and can afford to be 24/7 I wouldn't care that they were always wearing and using diapers, but I would expect them to change themself or hire somebody to change them because I'm not comfortable with touching or naked bodies, not even my own. Relationships are about compromise and accepting the bad with the good so I don't think its too much to ask for this hypothetical partner to be able to accept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBchat View Post
    Hypothetical dilemma: You meet a compatible partner, but that person is 24/7 in diapers and you have to change their full (1+2) diaper once or twice a day. Everyday!

    Good deal or bad deal (for you that is)?
    I am married to a wonderful woman. I think we are highly compatible. I thought of the question as: If my wife had to be 24/7 diapered, and I had to change her once or twice everyday would that be a good or bad deal for me? I would say emphatically that it would be a good deal. Would I enjoy it? Occasionally, for the intimacy and connection that is involved in changing someone, but overall, no. Changing diapers everyday would be a shitty chore. However, getting to help my wife in such an intimate and practical manner, would be an awesome way to reaffirm that I loved her and that I appreciated her and all she does. In that way, I think it would be a good deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    All the time every time isn't really practical. I'd be happy to do so frequently, particularly if it involved some measure of back and forth. Done right, this isn't a burden but an intimate sharing act. I think the trick would be keeping it from becoming a mundane chore, which it should not be.

    Quote Originally Posted by sbmccue View Post
    Trevor is correct
    Trevor is always correct!

    Yeah... I don't mind the diapers, but full-time stinky diaper duty would be waaaaay more than I'd want to deal with.

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    The question as posted, don't know. If I may read into it a bit, the person is capable of changing himself, and just doesn't, ever? Deal breaker. Now, as far as something I can actually see happening, sure. I don't think anyone really can stay in Little space that long.

    I have my brother, and I love him to absolute bits and pieces! He hasn't tried nappies yet, but, assuming he likes them, I'd always support him, and love him, even if I didn't change his every nappy. I don't think he'd want me to change him, unless he was in headspace, anyway, which, I don't think he could stay in 24/7. I know I can't.

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    Honestly since I am new one here,
    I wouldn't mind it mainly because I think it is cute when my hubby does it 24/7 when he doesn't have to work. And I just love giving him what he wants on certain days of mommy time.

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    I think I could but wouldnt want to, just because I dont think of myself as being the CG/Big in a Relationship; I see myself more as being the one getting Diapered and Changed.

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