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Thread: Is American Horror Story getting worse?

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    Default Is American Horror Story getting worse?

    I think it is, to me the last 2 seasons were pretty bad, Roanoke would have been passable, (to me) if they didn't have those god awful Final Episodes, which were like a "The show is Not Real, this is how we make it" "Documentary" type of thing.

    That really turned me off of the show because I know it isn't real, I don't care how it is made, I just want it to be entertaining.

    If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Freak Show, but I feel most are very good (besides the last two, I liked Roanoke early on, but it just kept getting worse near the end; whereas Cult had very few good episodes to me).

    If I had to pick a 2nd favorite, it would probably be Coven.

    Anybody else with me?
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    My wife is the passionate fan. I'm usually distracted by ADISC. But I saw the first episode of "Apocalypse" last night and it has my attention. I'm optimistic this season will be good.

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    I haven't been impressed with any of them since the first season.

    I haven't seen this one though and may give it a chance, but my hopes are low.

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    I'm going to try to watch the last 2 seasons but they were so hated and I have a very small attention span so yeah. This newest season's trailer looked dope tho so I'm excited about that. :3

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    I watched the new season premiere last night, wasnt impressed, but hopefully it will get a lot better and not be like the last 2 that start good but get really bad, especially late season.

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