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Thread: gies a hand place!! regaurding VGA cables n stuff

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    Default gies a hand place!! regaurding VGA cables n stuff

    is there a way to connect my laptop to a tv? best to be via scart but if not another method will suffice

    *EDIT* spelling error in title... was half asleep

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    Well, you can get a DVI to HDMI cable easily. But only newish laptops seem to come with DVI/HDMI ports. You can't hook VGA to Scart. Simple put, the information is encoded differently and won't work. Some laptops have a composite video out, thought it's rare. But you can easily plug that directly into a TV.

    Anyway, the chances it's not possible. If your laptop has VGA port for an external monitor/projector I suppose you could use a VGA to Composite converter of some kind but they'll be expensive and the results are not that desirable.

    Why do you want to hook it up to a TV?

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    What kind of input does your TV take and what kind of output does your laptop have?

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    Well depends what the inputs and outputs are, I have just about every AV cable ever invented (and 3 converter boxes) I currently have my PS3 hooked up to a 22'' VGA PC monitor through the HDMI output, and sound to a 2.5mm headphone jack through the optical output.

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    i wanna plug it into tv because my screen is 10" and i wanna watching sons of anarachy etc...

    it does have a vga port on it, samsung nc 10

    my tv doesnt, and it is a new HD thingy

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    It also helps to know what inputs your TV takes, which I already asked before. <_>

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    You need to have an S-Video port on your laptop, which most newish ones should. Take the S-Video to your S-Video input on your TV, again need a newer TV or you won't have that port. But that only takes the vidoe not the audio. You'll need a Headphone to RCA cable to get the audio to the TV as well. Hope that helps.

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