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Thread: Do not wear white when you are diapered

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    I also can't understand why so much diaper brands print such showy patterns on the diapers. I know that the color code is needed in hospitals to pick the right type of diaper. But I think this could also be done a little bit more discreet. I don't talk about the AB printed diapers. I mean the real medical diapers which are designed to wear them every day under clothes as discreet as possible because lots of people can't be without.
    No discussion, white is not the wisest choice, if you want to hide a diaper. But i can also understand that even someone who needs to wear diapers does not want to wear black all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggreggy View Post
    last week i took a friend to the hospital for a series of tests. while there a woman in her mid 20s? arrived. she was wearing white pants and a flowered top, and sat right across from me. she was also there for tests and clearly scared because she was clutching a stuffed bear so tighly its eyes were almost popping out. she went in for her test, and came back smiling and much releaved. she leaned over to get her backpack, and i could clearly see a white diaper showing through the seat of her pants. i thought to myself, that is why I am wearing very black jeans here--no one will see MY diaper. (and my friend's tests turned out ok too)
    That would be an amazing sighting! Under white trousers or skirt, I'm sure an educated DL or incontinent person could actually tell what brand of nappy the woman was wearing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    White is also the worst possible color for leaks too since they reveal wet spots the most. Definitely not a color for when wearing a diaper.

    I wonder though. Had she not been wearing white do you think you would have still noticed the diaper?
    i probably would have, since she bent over right in front of me, and by now i know what a diaper outline looks like. but others might not have noticed if she wore something darker.

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    Should have complemented her bear, and started a conversation with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KawaiiBabyjenni View Post
    Should have complemented her bear, and started a conversation with her.
    i guess i should have. problem is from a long time ago i found that silence is safer.

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    I have to admit I would love to see a woman out in a diaper.

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