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Thread: What do you do for fun?

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    Hiking is something I really like to do. I code all day at work, so I feel like it's a great way to get a break from computer screens.

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    Doing some garden work, doing some sports (cycling, hiking, skiing, jogging). And I really like cooking.

    As a software developer, cooking gives me a work which I can get a physical result.

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    Riding my motorcycles and repairing them, mostly.
    A fair bit of photography, mostly when I'm at the races.
    Definately reading a lot and more recently I started writing in both my native language and English but I've never made any of them texts public. I may make the one English text public though because I started to learn English again autodidactically a couple years past my school days and see a chance to put myself to test that way.
    I enjoy to learn new things, but I need to explore them for me alone. That said, I do not hesistate to ask once I'm stuck somewhere but this is the exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UzgruzzSteelchoppa View Post
    D&D? Three point five? Pathfinder? We might just have a game started from JUST this group

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    Quote Originally Posted by ESPF View Post
    D&D? Three point five? Pathfinder? We might just have a game started from JUST this group
    5th edition, the rules are reasonably balanced when the warlock is not using witch bolt.

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    Rollerblading, reading, writing stories/poems, having mini debates in my head, and chatting with my significant other.

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    Video games, boozy drinks (even though it might trigger my IC), music (preforming and listening), trying to get a date (9/10 fails), and jogging

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    Golf, skiing, travel, genealogy, cooking, wine and beer, music, concerts

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