I'm going to weigh in here and say grow that big beautiful beard. There isn't a thing wrong with a big bearded baby, except maybe when the pacifier tickles that luxurious 'stache on the lip. I get far too much joy and power from my massive face blanket to ever destroy it. As for the itchiness, be sure you are using a good conditioner and you might try some creams or oils. I use Beard Guyz beard balm and it makes it super soft and shiny. I've fortunately only very rarely ever had a disconnect from enjoying my little side because of my facial hair. Ironically, hair down ↓there↓, does cause a disconnect for me.

Both a beard and little tendencies are a part of who I am. I can not imagine myself without either. It would be far to distressing for me to have to choose between them, so they coexist.

Of course you will have to make the determination of what is best for you. I do wish you luck in your decision, and please let us know what you choose/chose to do.