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    Well I posted awhile ago, when living with roommates, weíll I finally got my own place and can wear whenever (significant other doesnít mind). Itís great. I no longer have to hide in my bedroom while wearing. However now I do get kind of paranoid about leaks. I donít wear 24/7 mostly just on weekends but would one day like to go 24/7.

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    Awesome it makes everything so much easier when you have your own place especially when the person you are with doesn't mind so congrats on moving forward

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    Thank you yes my partner doesnít wear, but he also doesnít judge me which is awesome less to stress about when wearing and not having to be stuck in a bedroom while wearing is awesome

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    Congratulations! I love house sitting so I get the opportunity to hang out in the large in whatever padding I woke up in and MAYBE a tshirt.

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    Yup, your house your rules. I also love lounging around in just a diaper and teeshirt. My wife doesn't participate with my diapers either but she does kind of like me being in them all the time. Especially my crinklz diapers which she thinks are cute.

    And what diapers do you use that makes you're worried about leaks? Though the obvious solution is to probably get better diapers you can trust won't leak.

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    Congrats on getting your own place!
    As soon as I've got enough cash saved, I want to try and find a place of my own as well. I have no problem with my folks. I love them dearly. I just want to go somewhere with a more active ABDL community, and I want to be able to decorate to my tastes. I am going to have SO many nursery prints when I'm living on my own.
    And once again, congrats on the move and getting your own place. I hope independence treats you well.

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