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    I think my being away because school was crazy phase merits another introduction. I just finished school on Wednesday and am so happy I am taking a few days to sort some things out and just relax, so I think my post count will go up in the next month.

    Some things about myself. I have been a member on ADISC since it started and was a member on TBDL since the end of 2005 (I believe...but I might be wrong because dates go right through me, so if anyone would like to correct me...) Though I have been a little disconnected, it was nothing personal. I mean, how could it be? Disgruntled members aren't sporadically leaving are they? Na, I am sure they aren't.

    I love writing. I have loved writing since I was fourteen. I also just finished my first year in college as an English major, but I will be switching my major to criminal justice or political science, probably the ladder. In august I will be turning 19 and then one more year of being called a 'teen' which seems a little crazy to me.

    Other hobbies include, but are not limited to: Working out (which I will shortly have a thread on ,) Guitar Hero, snowboarding, water skiing, hanging out with a small group of close friends, going to concerts, listening to music (I listen to Everything, with a capital E,) and plenty more stuff I just don't want to type out.

    I have been a DL for as long as I can remember. Stealing diapers from my sisters dolls at age 4 or 5. And this is mostly a fetish for me.

    I consider myself sexually weird- seeing as I could probably get off on anything if it pleases me superficially or emotionally. I have been intimate with both guys and girls and enjoy both; I do not discriminate!

    I love meeting new friends anywhere, in real life or online, so do not be shy to approach me for friendship. I am also always willing to help- you can ask some members on this site.

    Thing about me though; I can be harsh. I will never try to offend someone and I never make it my goal but I stick up for what I believe in and I speak my mind when I feel it is necessary. So, if I have or do ever offend you in anyway, feel free to contact me and tell me how you think I did such a thing and I can assure you, after the conversation you will feel tons better. Most of the people who I start fights with, always end up to be my closest friends on this site for some reason or another...

    Anyway, if you have any questions you would like to ask me, fire away.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Hey! Welcome to the site!

    Nice to see you. I'm sure you'll fit right in.

    Come on in, look around, don't be shy, do some of that posting you mention.

    You'll probably make many friends here.

    (I call that the shit-eating grin.)

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    Yes - excellent intro. You told us about your interests, something of your personality, and your relationship to the fetish (or its relationship to you.) You are not afraid to write a long post - which, nonetheless, was a quick and easy read.

    I am the long-standing local raccoon, though you may wish to look up our newest raccoon, Kaishen. I am portly, padded and very ancient, fascinated by complicated mechanisms and certain foxes and bunnehs. We have excellent examples of each.

    I agree with Soren, and am quite sure you'll fit in.
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    Welcome to ADISC Fullmetal!

    Have you seen the new Full Metal Alchemist anime yet? If so, was it any good?

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    Who the hell are you?

    (in other words: Looking forward to seeing you more regularly again)

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    We are so similar FM, though not in age *sigh*. I was one of the few, if not the only college member at Westminster Choir College, Princeton, that was as diverse as you, both in my tastes for music, and being into physical activities. I was lousy at water skiing, but liked to be out on the water, etc. And of course, we both write. I had a poem published when in college. My English Professor submitted it. Anyway, I hope your first year at college was a good one. Mine was mixed as I had a great time along with 2 F's and 3 D's. I suspect you did a lot better than that....haha. Enjoy the summer. I wish I was out of school by now, but we have almost another month. Damn public school!!!

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    Welcome back FullMetal,
    I've missed you, and had to start typing out my own long posts. LOL

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