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Thread: Hulloy, Birthday Boy

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    Default Hulloy, Birthday Boy

    It's still the 15th where I am, so happy birthday Jack

    (Jack26, for those of you not keeping score at home)

    I hope you had a most excellent day. Maybe you can give us some highlights of the debauchery.

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    Happy Birthday, Jack Jack!


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    Hapy birthday, have a good one, yeah? ^_^

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    Happiest Birthday to you evar, Jack! Hope it treats you well!

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    Happy Birthday! I hope your first day of your adult life isn't like a roller coaster ride

    *steals some birthday cake*


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    As einstein used to say, a birthday comes once a year. Hang on a second...that cant be right *Flips through a few books*. Oops sorry wrong quotation!

    Happy Birthday Jacky, Hacky, Sacky, err...Snacky!

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