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Thread: Q again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makubird View Post
    I watched the video in the link reporting a 1969 recording of McCain about the events in Vietnam.
    It is a forced 'confession' after days of torturing. Please do your research. Same advice for Trump and Q.
    Of course they were forced confessions! Nobody waltzed in and said, "hey, let's make a propoganda commercial".

    The point is, nothing is ever as it seems. You people keep picking at the edges of reality, then tell ME to do more research. The truth IS out there, but most of the respondents here can't/won't handle the truth. They prefer the daily plate of mainstream media pablum narrative, that gets dished out to all the conglomerate stations & news outlets, at 4 am every day, delivering you the news you WANT to hear (Trump's a racist, he's crazy, Q's a LARP, and on and on...) but not the REAL truth. The real truth scares them, and, so, it's censored, AJ, Q, and hundreds of other conservative channels being the latest examples. The social media giants, you all participate in, are ALL GUILTY of it, but, you ignore the obvious, as long they're singing your song. It's sad, and it's sick, sort of like giving in to the enemy, when you could/should stand & fight. You capitulate, you lose. We lose. People's voices are squashed. People die... I can't imagine why anyone goes along with it.

    So, Q comes along, with an extraordinary inside (military intelligence?) scoop, as your sort of "spirit guide", gently nudging you to do more research, dropping breadcrumbs that can help you understand, with "decoders" (prayingmedic, etc) helping you to learn/understand the truth, BUT, Q's the Live Action Role Player, not the adults wanting to act like babies, right? Of course they want to lie about, and censor that information. That's what propoganda is all about. Censor the truth & feed you the lies. You currently get it, all day and all night now, on every single channel & outlet. So, where do you actually find the truth these days? You do your own research, and you find it independently, in alternative media, from dozens of different sources NOT-connected to biased conglomerates that have a vested interest in keeping the lemmings moving in the direction they want them to. You pay attention to the details that then emerge; the thousands of pedophile arrests, the Harvey Weinstein's & the Anthony Weiner's, the tens of thousands of sealed indictments, the real investigative power (Huber, and the IG), the murders, like Seth Rich, and investigative reporters that get too close to the facts & ARkinside themselves, and in and on. The reason they censor is they want to hide the truth. The REAL TRUTH. The Q.

    The truth is out there!

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    You are right in the aspect that many things are not as they seem. I've seen many examples of that in my short life. You are right in that there are significant corporate interests in media and I do accept the fact that mainstream media has turned from the true purpose of delivering straight facts to the people and allowing the public to come to their own conclusions to putting their own slant on the facts, but these people who run these alternative news sources may have their own ulterior motives or agendas. The way that the others are skeptical about your sources is analogous to how you're skeptical of mainstream media. Being skeptical is a good thing. Researching your own truth is a good thing. Trying to come to your own conclusions is a good thing. In the midst of this, one must still remember that people must examine their own beliefs as well. People must be open to the idea that they are mistaken on some of their ideas. Nobody can be 100% objective. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not 100% objective all the time.

    As I said before, calling people names such as being "lemmings" or implying that people are simply brain washed to accept the "propaganda of mainstream media" is not appropriate for an adult and civilized discussion. When someone has an objection to an argument that you make, one should not jump to making personal attacks on the person bringing the objection. What is better to do is to come up with a logical counter argument and bring some evidence to the table that counters the other person's objections.

    In terms of the links that you have given, you have essentially tried to give them the facts. The pattern that I am beginning to see is that when you get a response from someone who has looked at the links and they disagree with your conclusions, you start going on the offensive. I understand that it's frustrating when people don't see things the way you do, especially when you feel as though you have done a lot of work and effort into bringing this information to us. But, you must remember that you yourself have emphasized that people should come to their own conclusions. The people who have looked at the links have come to their own conclusions. If you disagree with their conclusions, you should provide some of your reasoning as to why they are incorrect and respectfully disagree. This reasoning can NOT include calling people names for not being able to "see the truth" as you do. If you expect people to come to the exact same conclusion as you, then you are committing the same thing that the mainstream media companies have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamieboy View Post
    Of course they were forced confessions! Nobody waltzed in and said, "hey, let's make a propoganda commercial".

    The point is, nothing is ever as it seems.
    Well, you quoted the video as evidence that McCain was not a hero.
    We both agree that his 'confession' was obtained after extensive torturing. Therefore I suppose that what he says does not reflect the truth.

    I may have misunderstood you, but can you then explain to me what your point is that you want to make? What in this case is 'not as it seems?'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamieboy View Post
    The point is, nothing is ever as it seems.
    So everyone here is just talking about their dreams and illusions? ...including you, I assume?

    The truth IS out there
    Yeah, I saw some of those episodes.

    but most of the respondents here can't/won't handle the truth.
    Yeah, I saw that movie too.

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    I personally think Q is a creepy dude and advocates terrorism to an extent. The Q discord is pretty garbage, click on the wrong channel and you have some pretty illicit things right in your face that don't belong on the internet.

    Everyone there is supposedly "for" the government doing "american justice" but they are all afraid of spooks- And probably are for good reasons.

    No offense JamieBoy, this is all strictly opinion. But I have talked to people just like you are chatting right now here and they sound far from mentally sound or healthy.

    If you want to read some real shady stuff go read about MKUltra or Unethical Human Experimentation In the United States. That will "Q" you up real good. It's been known record the government has broken the laws at points and probably still are. I personally think 9/11 could have been prevented 5 years in advance- But the people listening to Q don't listen to outsiders, they instead spread the word and conspiracy that is the Q conspiracy. I know why you are here posting this, and it's because of that. Do you feel confused or just sad to live in the U.S.A? I really don't want to know about conspiracies and stuff- I'd rather know what it is that is bothering you. What about your childhood and such? What about you and your future? I'd like to get to know who you are and what your deepest memories are because you might unconver something you never knew about yourself and your country before.

    My best advice is to stay off WikiLeaks or the government will drop a ploy to scare you away from it on a personal level. Have you ever seen a Ragemaster in the U.S.? I've seen one of those before, but it wasn't on any of my machines. The cable pretty much broke in half.

    How MKUltra ties into this, and how it's hard for me to conceptualize:

    I have RF/EMF sensitivity really bad. I think it's caused by repeated mercury/mercury vapor exposure throughout my life and other hard metals (as such my father used to make bullets with raw lead metal shavings in feet and whatever.)

    I used to live on the residential side of Houston circa 1995. My first dream was a nightmare of a small island with newspapers for sand. When I saw the 9/11 attacks, papers flew all over the ground on Manhattan island from the collapse.

    My second dream was about a year before the space shuttle tragedy. I dreamed I was in a space shuttle (the actual space shuttle interior where they keep satellites.) and I had a lot of friends playing inside this diaper-padded interior. Whatever they broadcast was very powerful. It was to prevent whatever was coming. A war possibly- or to provoke preparedness for a war. A large war... Or WMD. I had no knowledge of what the space shuttle really looked like at the age of 4. (1996) But my absolute first memory is crawling out of my crib with a plastic screwdriver and thankfully I remember that or I would probably have gone insane.

    I have written numerous documents on my RF/EMF experiences. They usually occur under high stress and interacting with something that could be contaminated with mercury. I used to work in a dental company where amalgam fillings (made of 50% mercury) were common and that's when it got extremely powerful in 2015.
    In high school, a girl spilled liquid mercury all over the floor. It doesn't leave your body at all, you'd had to have an IV and diapers really to remove the contaminants.

    Some of them are on my GitHub but deleted (but they still exist in commits.) It can scare you and can borderline terrify you. It's a lonely feeling really, some people understand and others don't. But a lot underestimate the power of evolution and the processing power of your brain. At the age of 4 in 1996, your brain is smarter than any world computer.

    If you want an experiment- eat massive amounts of fish and have someone on Telegram send you repeated images and text at a semi-slow level (at max once every 30 minutes)- it might take a while because you hafto dream to realize it. It would work on discord as well possibly where the communication is unencrypted. (absolutely in a server chat though.) Do it somewhere you recognize/chat the most. Make sure the window is open on the chat when you sleep and you're using wifi.

    I have a rough feeling why you are here, and that's because you know something you either do or don't and you would crap yourself if you discovered it. I do believe some of the things you say, but I can't believe all of it. With those types of experiences, it becomes hard to draw a line between what is real and conspiracy. You know that video the DoD released of an alien spacecraft? Simply a ploy and a illusion to reset your reality. It really is to hide the truth, but there is likely something you know that other's don't within your past.
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    Closing, as this thread is moving in circles and generating vitriolic commentary.

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