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    Yo. Havent been here recently. Sorry. Been busy. Anyway, I have a review/comment request. Rite Aid brand belted: Better or worse than Depends belted and how much better/worse are they? Or, better yet, whats the best belted store brand diaper, and then the next best in a list? Thanks guys, and I'll be around more if I can.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've tried the Rite Aid brand exactly once. They are far worse than Depends. They hardly absorb at all, the fit is not very body conforming. The padding doesn't do a good job wicking moisture, so you feel very wet (and subsequently get a rash). The odor control is non-existant (so you smell like urine).

    I'm no big fan of Depends, but at least the inner lining is pretty soft and the leg/waist gathers are body-conforming. My biggest gripe with Depends is that they don't absorb all that much. It could actually be a decent diaper if they doubled the amount of padding. The Rite Aid brand needs a lot more help than that.

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    If you're talking about the belted undergarments, I'd say the rite-aid brand is on par with depends. I haven't tried their full briefs, I'm not sure they even have any. However, they do have two products that I've found to be decent, the overnight absorbency pullups are about the best store bought pullups that I've found, and the male guards they make are my favorite of the guards, but as has been mentioned on other threads, guards are more for slight issues, and certainly they are not diapers.

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