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    Bringing up a not-so-tired topic because it's been on my brain lately. Who here does or takes interest in those who do their hair specifically for little space, and what kind of styles do you prefer it in?

    The idea of having someone tie someone else's hair back into a ponytail or pigtails has been on my mind a lot lately.

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    I totally rock pigtails whenever I can. Cute hair clippies help a lot. I get mine at Claires.

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    I just have my hair undercut. It's normally tied up but it looks cuter when it's down.

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    As a male, my hair is too short for any little-girl styles (for that matter - big girl styles as well).

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    I'm kind of sad that my hair is now too short to do any cute hairstyles - but I still like to clip bows in my hair, even though I know it looks ridiculous.

    I love having my hair played with regardless, and have considered growing it out again for pigtails, but then again I kinda like the androginous style right now. Little me is a bit of a tomboy anyway.

    Never gonna get rid of my drawer of scrunchies and hair bows and hair clips though!

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    As a male, I keep my hair rather short, but will sometimes let it grow out a little in the winter. When it does, it begins to wave and curl, and looks very similar to my toddler hair style: curly and wild!

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    When my hair is short, the sides will curl up making me look a little younger if my beard is also shaved. I usually like to keep my hair long but I don't style it like a girl's.

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    I keep a military style called high and tight. Trimmed as short as possible on the sides and top center. Also tapered so the hair sticks up tovmake it horizontally flat on the top, and on the top sides to make it vertically flat as well.

    I've been told by several people it makes me look much younger, which is great for my AB side.

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