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Thread: Diaper Tip for LGBT/Trans People

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    Default Diaper Tip for LGBT/Trans People

    Here's a little tip for some LGBT people, both in the ABDL community and out. For MTF trans people, a diaper actually conceals your genitals! No bulge! Whether just pull-ups or incontinence diapers or ABDL diapers, they hide everything! While conventional underwear does absolutely nothing (male or female underwear), a diaper under my outfits hides everything, with no tucking, taping, or anything else required! Even if someone's not an ABDL or incontinent (because pull-ups hold absolutely nothing) they should have some pull-ups or diapers on hand. Whether it's to help their confidence or help them pass, they do the trick

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    Great tip !

    i've I'm experiencing this awesome tip for 15 years already... also it makes your hips wider and butt far more feminin...

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    I've been enjoying this for over 6 years now. Wearing my fullcut panties over my diaper
    and having smooth front with little bulge. Being small down there also helps.

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    This is one of the reasons why I think so many trans people I know are ABDL or Little. That, and the hormones for MtF can leave people with the sudden urge to go...

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