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Thread: Zen and the art of Cartoon watching

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    Default Zen and the art of Cartoon watching

    I usually don't watch shows for 'grown ups' just because I get too stressed out about the drama going on in them. (The exception for this is The Artful Detective (aka Murdoch Mysteries in the rest of the world!)

    I've noticed a 'range'.

    Shows for older kids keep me entertained. Ducktales, Mickey and the Roadster Racers, Paw Patrol, etc. I'll stay awake and glued to the TV for those.

    Shows for younger kids help me relax and go to sleep at night. I'm kind of an insomniac. Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger and Muppet Babies will let me watch an episode or two and then I'm out. And I've determined it's -not- through boredom. I'll really want to watch the rest of the episode, but I get too relaxed and my brains says "NIGHT NIGHT!"

    So the only thing I can guess is that it's honestly because I know nothing terrible is going to happen in those shows. No matter how bad things might seem, they'll be OK.

    This has the weird effect of me having absolutely no idea what's going on with people's favorite shows at work but grants me +10 knowledge of their kids' shows. (Actually caught a guy up on his kid's favorite show, The Lion Guard. LOL He was like "I don't understand any of it now. First the hyenas are the bad guys, now there's a good one? What the heck is a 'goy-goy'? Is the leader Simba's grandkid?" Now he's going "I'm gonna go home and re-watch it because it actually sounds kind of cool now.)

    Anyone else have the soothing effects of kids shows help them in their lives? I know a lot of us -watch- cartoons, but I don't know if anyone else gets the same relaxation effects.

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    You should seriously check out Anime. There are plenty of english ones out there too. Take at look at

    Top of the list for me is Sword Art Online (and their follow up arcs). Dragon Ball is another good one, very long running but it does get gory at times. Naruto and Baruto were awesone, and One punch man was funny and great. Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach were deep too. Looking for more kids friendy stuff then look no further than the new Voltron, or older Gundam, Pokemon, and Yugio series. And all this is still just the tip of the iceberg.

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    Hmmm, interesting post

    I watch cartoons a lot, both when I'm a baby and when I'm a big boy. I'm not sure if their effect on me is entirely the same as their effect on you, but I can say that watching my go to little cartoons really pulls me into the mindset more, they help me to loosen up, to be myself, so I always like throwing cartoons on when I regress.

    My go to baby cartoons are The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Care Bears and as far as new shows go, I'm trying to get into The Lion Guard as well.

    With the former two shows, whenever I throw them on, I'm plopped right into baby mode There's just something about the roundedness of the designs, the bounciness of the animation, the soft colours and simple storylines that throws me into a state of baby/regression nirvana. When I watch those shows, my worries melt away and I find myself bouncing along with the music and just getting really invested. Of course, all three of these shows work for me whether I'm an absolute baby or a slightly older baby/toddler. If I'm total baby, I just zone out and enjoy the colours, animation and characters, if I'm an older baby, I actually hang on the stories more and quite enjoy the simple moral messages and lack of conflict. In fact, it's for the above reasons that I love recommending putting on a favourite childhood cartoon for those who are trying to explore regression for themselves

    So yeah, the zen art of cartoon watching definitely factors into my regression time significantly and like you, it definitely adds something to the experience

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    I often watch shows about hauntings and the dead before I go to bed. But I'll also watch Trevor Noah and Steven Colbert which is a lot lighter. Typically Colbert will make jokes about our President and that is more scary than haunted houses.

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    +10 knowledge kids shows? You aren"t a D&D/Pathfinder player are you Woozle?
    I have a couple of Disney/Pixar movies I like yes.

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    When I'm in the right frame of mind, I love my cartoons! ^.^

    I have quite a collection, mostly dating from my youth. The most nostalgic for me is The Mysterious Cities of Gold because it was so enthralling to me as a kid. ^^; Lately I've been watching Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, I'd actually forgotten how catchy the theme song was!

    I think for relaxation purposes, though, my go-to is Bob Ross. ^^
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    Oh snap. Bob Ross is another level of soothing. HAPPY TREES. HE'S GOT A FRIEND RIGHT THERE, TOO. I used to watch him all the time as a kid. My dad was always kind of like "What is wrong with this child?" But my mom was like "She likes art." XD

    And I don't play D&D, but I understand the rudiments of rolling for skills. :3 I'd probably be the worst person to play with.

    DM: "You're facing the werewolf pack. What do you do?"
    Wooz: "PET THEM."
    DM: "P..are you sure?"
    Wooz: "PET. THEM."
    *Dungeonmaster rolls initiative and gets 20*
    DM: "The werewolf pack are now your loyal pets. D:"

    I love all of the Disney Afternoon shows. Talespin was my favorite because I really like Don Karnage. XD Rescue Rangers and Ducktales come in close seconds. I also liked Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop. (I didn't get to see too much of Gummi Bears because it always came on just before I got home from school.)

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    This is a great thread, I typically watch Anime and action cartoons but I wonder if I would sleep easier having watched something gentler focussed?

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    I watch the same things that I really watched when I was little. I watch cartoons in the morning, and Disney afternoon cartoons in the afternoon and in the evening we watch sitcoms that were family friendly in the eighties like family ties and alf and later in the evening we switch over to nick at night classics like mork and mindy and bob newhart. I'll watch new stuff if there is no other choice but I avoid adult programming because it has damaging effects on the psyche.

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