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Thread: Worried about what I should tell my host family

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    Default Worried about what I should tell my host family

    I have a rather large package of diapers coming by mail, and likely I will be questioned by my host family about what they are. I sometimes get packages from my family and they ask what the contents are. But I think this is a little bigger than normal. I was thinking I could say they are Japanese books since they know I study. They have seen books in my room before.

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    Do your host parents go through your packages or do you have privacy in just opening them yourself? If you can just open them by yourself in privacy, I think it will be alright if you use the book excuse. If you have nosy host parents (which I always had), then this might not work. It might not be a bad idea to just hide the package once it gets here and get it later.

    In case they get suspicious and want to see the "books" that you just ordered, it might not be a bad idea to run down to a library or book store and grab some books. That way, you could show them the new books and they will think nothing of it. : )

    - Asher

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    If it's around a holiday, you could say they are presents.

    My host family holds my eggs until they are ready to hatch into tons of baby Pojo's.

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    My suggestion is to explain to them that you sometimes are stressed, being far away from home, and need to wear out of need.

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    I would have gotten a package they wouldn't have noticed or inquired about. How many did you get anyway?

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    It's just one package, and no they're not nosy at all. But it'll probably arrive when I'm not there. I'll just say my parents sent me some books from home or something.

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    That sounds like a good idea. I would just say they sent you somthing that you already have in your room. Like, books, or some candy or somthing.

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    A package of diapers does not feel like a package of books. You should say that they sent you something softer, like clothes or underwear.

    Also, are you living in Japan? In a Japanese house? I've always had the impression that privacy and storage space were at a premium in those places. Will you even have a private place to put your diapers? Or privacy for disposal?

    Just curious. I'd like to visit Japan some day.

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    Umm... Isn't your username vain and arrogant?
    I mean, you're adding -san to your own name. You're not supposed to use it when referring to your own name, that's like, revering yourself?

    And shouldn't it be something like watashiwanikku or watashiganikku?

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