Newer for me. I am a huge fan of drama and suspense in anime. I love trying to invest myself in the situation. Combine that with my love of art in general, the cleaner, more pristine and detailed the better.
I call them visual spectacles, but animations like fight scenes of Darling in the franxx, My Hero Academia, Blood Blockade battlefront, Fate Stay Night, and many more.

Blood blockade for exampt at first glance is a typical anime comedy. If you stop and really observe everything, look at the background. Full cities drawn in detail, numerous people and objects, lighting effects that add to the feel, smoke, motions of dozens of objects. All amazingly orchestrated into a normally overlooked symphony.
More familiar and socially popular ones like Your Name and Garden of Words can be observed too.

I have watched some of the older anime, but the older styles and quality sometimes get to me. Classics like Howls moving Castle, spirited away, and Neon Genesis are all ones that I quite enjoyed.

I honestly think it comes down to personal tastes haha. Since I love art, I go towards the newer ones. (Even though yes the older ones have good art too, I find it a bit too "soft" for me (not sure that made sense lol)

But yes some of my favorites are:
Hunter x Hunter
Pokemon (don't judge lol)
Blood Blockade Battlefront
My Hero Academia
Ouran Host Club (lol yes I'm a guy I love it's comedy)
Angel Beats

I'll stop there......I've never written this much