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    I'm depressed cause my job is taking me away from home for the next five months in just a few weeks. I won't be able to wear that whole time. What a major bummer. I'ts not the first time, but for some reason it's much harder this time out.

    Anyone else here that's a DL that's in a similar situation.

    Last time I was away for six months I could not wait, I bought a whole package of diapers just so I could wear a few for a day while in Hawaii.

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    Butterfly Mage


    If you're out of town for several months, just buy some diapers when you get to your destination. Problem solved

    The only problem I see is getting the higher-quality diapers getting shipped to a temporary address. I'll bet Gary Evans will ship to pretty much anywhere since he is very agreeable.

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    There are neato plastic pants built into say boxer shorts, so with a thin diaper underneath nobody would notice. I saw them at a local med supply shop, don't know the brand... A quick google search didn't help but I'll explore a bit more...

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    Help us out a little.

    You don't say why you can't wear during all that time.

    What's the situation? Maybe we can help with a workaround.

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    Default Can't wear

    In the military going to deploy on a ship.

    Nuf said. No workaround.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dld2618 View Post
    In the military going to deploy on a ship.

    Nuf said. No workaround.
    Cloth diapers out of several towels and medical pins. (Diaper pins, used to hold bandages in place)

    Problem solved. Granted, you'll have to wash them yourself.

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