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    For those that like to wear out, I was just curious what you use as a diaper bag, and what you have in it? I don't carry one usually, but I suspect most of you are going to say backpack.

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    Please remember I am profoundly urinary incontinent. This means I am in some kind of diaper 24/7. For me AB is a coping strategy. Therefore I have many diaper bags divided into discreet and more babyish.

    Daily I carry a typical attorney's brief case. Mine opens from two sides. The smaller side holds a couple of Attends Breathable and a few slip-in disposable pads, plus wipes and baggies for disposal. The other larger side holds my files and other adult stuff. When my husband and I go out in the evenings I have some purses in different colors large enough for a few disposable diapers or pads. I select the purse which coordinates best with my dress.

    On weekend days when I am wearing a slightly childish outfit, such as a snap-crotch shortalls, I carry a slightly less discreet diaper bag. Normally this is one I bought at an up-scale infant shop intended for real moms, perhaps dressed for the office. Of course I also have several diaper bags going back decades that are obvious. A recent addition to my collection is bright pink, even says Diapers on it. Like some of the others it has outside pockets for baby bottles and baby powder containers.

    As I remember it, that upscale bag cost about USA$150 a few years ago. None of the other diaper bags were extravagant. The new pink one cost less than USA$50.

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    I don't really have a need to carry a dedicated diaper bag...Coming home to change has never been a problem when i'm out in about.

    If I know i'll be gone for awhile, like if I go on a road trip or wear to school, I bring a few spare diapers and some wipes with me in a messenger bag I use for school (Not really a fan of back packs...)

    I also have like 5 diapers in this emergency survival kit I keep in my car. It has everything I would need to survive for a few days should I drive off a cliff and get stuck on top of a large tree or if I happen to be driving along and a nuclear attack kills everyone but me.

    A friend almost found them a few weeks ago..he had a flat tire and I have this other road side bag I got from AAA that has flairs, an air pump, etc. Told him to go grab the pump from the AAA bag. He started going through the other bag. The diapers are at the very bottom, covered by a folded towel. Towel was the last thing in the bag when I got to him..ha.

    Seriously though, if I was in a situation with someone else and we actually needed the bag, I doubt diapers will be a big deal. They might even come in handy. (Stuck in tree??)

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    I'm wearing 24/7 and have been for a year now... so I always have to have a changing bag with me as well.

    I carry a gym bag/satchel with me... I keep 3 or 4 spare diapers in it along with some other personal items, deoderant, socks, etc. Most people don't even ask me what it is.

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    My backpack is for bringing the bag of diaper home rather than using as diaper bag. I seldom bring spare diaper out because most disposable diaper can absorb my half day pee.

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    I have an old army messenger bag. It originally housed a demolition kit of some sort and I can perfectly hold disposables in it next to a bottle of powder. However I need to get back into the habit after switching to cloth.

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    Typically a backpack....Just a normal, small backpack that goes on my back. I always bring a change of underwear (in case it leaks), 2 extra changes (Always bring more than you need), and wipes. If I have no intention of using the diaper (i.e. if I go to school, its just for the thrill and the comfort factors), I won't even bother packing anything for it.

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    I got a couple of diaper bags, one is pink. And the other is a green winnie the pooh diaper bag from walmart.
    Usually I just carry the usual essentials, diapers, stuffers, wipes, powder. I also sometimes carry my paci and bottle in there as well. And depending on if it's a long trip or not, some coloring books or my ds with a bunch of games.

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    I have a small softside brief that I use to keep about 4-6 diapers, powder, wipes, and baby lotion. I keep this bag in the bedroom closet so everything is handy, but inconspicuous. I can also grab it on my way out the door if I think I'll need it. I have a large gym duffle that I use to keep my 'stock'. It stays in the garage and has a luggage lock on it to deter curious eyes. Its holds my collection of diapers, stuffers, powder, a few plastic pants, all-in-ones, and cloth diapers. I'd really like something more babyish...

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    When I've been out wearing before, I usually just slip a diaper and a disposable bag in my purse with my lot of other things. When I changed in the school bathrooms after school let out, I just put the diaper in the bag and tossed it in the trashcan. I don't wear that often outside of my house, so I've only done this once or twice.

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