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Thread: I ate a Ghost Pepper today

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    I'm going to start typing up the eulogy for BabyTyrants' bottom. XD

    "It was a good bottom. Fine for sitting on and only one crack..."

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    Ghost Peppers were originally created for the Armed Forces, so that they could add flavor to a large amount of food at a reasonable price. The Ghost Pepper is genetically modified, and it can't grow outside of a lab. One pepper (which has 2 million BTUs of heat) can make 13 gallons of red sauce incredibly spicy, which only goes to show how dangerous this stuff is. Being that the wings from Popeyes left me in pain for a while (partially because of the pepper, partially because of the Popeyes), I know better than to eat a straight pepper. It can cause tons of intestinal problems, ulcers, tears, internal bleeding, and tons of other things. Anything over 50,000 BTUs of heat is dangerous for the body, so why anyone would eat something that dangerous is beyond me. Frankly, anyone who'd eat something that can kill you is a moron.

    On a lighter note, I'd like to refer both of the pepper eaters to the incontinence page of ADISC, since if you don't need it right this second, wait about 48 hours and you will.

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