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Thread: Swimming with Bowel IC

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    I've never tried any of these myself, but have run across them while browsing:

    Swimsuits - You wear a diaper under these:

    PUL Diaper cover for containment:

    Disposable adult swim diaper:

    Reusable adult swim diaper (looks like the same product found by Starlight99 but from a different seller)

    Enjoy your diving!

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    Default Swimming with Bowel IC

    I tried some some trunks similar the first shown (with no absorbancy). The problem is that it is not fully water proiged, water get in through the back (as it is not always fully dtraight) and fills up. Quite uncomfortable! I only have urinary IC and don't use any protection anymore. Does anybody has a positive experience in this case?

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    If you order the SoSecure/Discovery Trekers Containment Brief. Be well advised the sizes run way smaller than the size chart. I couldn't even get the one that I ordered on. I ended up giving it away on the boards.

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    I've tried the ones that are supposed to let you wear a normal diaper. Don't bother with them, they do not work. The reason is because the small of your back has a concave shaped. As such, a tight waistband will never be able to get a good seal across your back. Water will get in, and your diaper will get soaked.

    Disposable swim diapers have always let me down as well. They do not work for hold even a single drop of pee after you've been in the water.

    The best solution I've found for in and out of the water is to use a pocket diaper, but when you get to the pool/beach remove the pad. They have a light terry lining used to hold the pad in place, so this lining can hold a small amount of pee.

    Although, it does tend to fill up with just a little bit of water once you've been in too. You will need to break the leg seal as you get out of the water so it can drain some, but then won't leak for a little bit there after. Long enough till you can change or even just put the pad back in place. It's not a perfect solution, but does work well enough for me at least.

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