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Thread: Im leaving adisc.

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    Default Im leaving adisc.

    For 4 days :3

    I'll be back people, got much on my mind and has a wedding to go to.

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    No one cares about you leaving...

    Oh, nevermind, it's only for 4 days lol. Sorry, I hate seeing these threads.

    Enjoy that wedding.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Have fun

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    Enjoy the wedding...and remember to tell your wife that you'll be on ADISC after the honeymoon (j/k )

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    Long story short, kids are annoying, 'nuff said.

    Wedding was fun, think my drink got spiked cause I was seein' double at the end of the night, I really have no idea how I got back to the house.

    or the real thing that happened was a fairly good DJ (I of course was chatting the hell out of him, was quite fun actually, its cool passing back and forth experience notes)

    I scored some brand new (aka used and wore out) red 5.25" woofers, I plan on getting em boxed before this friday. (thinking 1 cube slot ported to 29hz would do great)

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    Ah, welcome back. Hee hee - I see that Long-termers saying "I'm leaving" (for a short while) is starting to not incite the panic and attention it was getting a week or three ago. The joke has grown stale and that means the concern and panic over the exodus has quietened and things are in fact returning to normal.

    Now, if you had been in Vegas and were tipsified to the point of not remembering, you might very well find some gal turning up on your doorstep 10 months from now, with a new offspring and a 10 month old wedding certificate in one hand and a suitcase in the other...

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