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Thread: Don't know if you remember the couple year old diapers I had in a box...

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    Default Don't know if you remember the couple year old diapers I had in a box...

    I don't know if you remember the couple year old diapers I had in a box, well I've gotten rid of those in the box, but kept the box because, well it's really nice and my grandfather made it. Anyways, my brother now wants it and I need to get the odor out of it. Any ideas?

    Does Febreeze work on wood or no? Should I put baking soda in it for a few days and close the lid and then empty it out after a few days? Any ideas on getting the smell out of it so he can have it?

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    Does he even know what diapers smell like? Throw some cologne or body spray in there.

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    He might now know, but I'm trying to be safe here. What about scrubbing it with some furniture soap or whatever it's called and then putting some coffee beans in a bowl and leave in there for a day or so? I wonder if that would work. I still need to make sure it's not all moldy because I just emptied it and never really looked in it after that lols.

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    Try the baking soda. Then for any additional smell left over, go with the coffee beans.

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    I'll try the baking soda and coffee beans. I just hope the box itself isn't like moldy and all

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    Hide your weed in there should make it good and stinky

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    I don't think there's really a fast way to get rid of diaper odors, not in a day like that!
    That said, try some vinigar, it might cut the smell out, or atleast overpower it.

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    If you are going to "spill" something, then use something that you would actually find in the area you keep the box. I mean, how would you explain spilling something like vinegar?

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    vinegar or citrus... get some murphy's oil and oil the wood... that will kill the smell

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